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Is your home or office lacking a unique and personalized work of art? Consider David Garrison of Burlington, Iowa. He is a talented artist specializing in custom murals and portrait commissions.

With years of experience and a passion for creating one-of-a-kind pieces, David Garrison is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Whether you’re looking for a large-scale mural to transform your space or a portrait of a loved one, David Garrison has the skills and expertise to create a stunning and unforgettable masterpiece.

Choose a mural or custom piece from Garrison Art Studio for the best look in room decor. Let David Garrison create a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind. 

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About David Garrison



Recent Exhibitions

2023 Has been a year of planning with portraits. Since I majored in portraits & figures at the art school I attended in Chicago; The American Academy of Art, I have planned a major exhibition of figures and portraits surrounding the life size portraits of Elizabeth & Danial Pappas and their one child. The exhibit will include all the preparation drawings in oil and charcoal, that took to create this family in the John Singer Sargeant style from the 1800’s. (Who was famous for his portraits) The dress Elizabeth will wear was specially ordered from Sarah Alexandria, Burlington, IA. Danial’s 1800 century clothing was also specially ordered for the oil painting. The time for the completed painting will take about a month. Concluding in January or February, 2024.

Meet David Garrison

A serious artist, serious about art.

David Garrison is an internationally recognized Master with 50 years of experience as a professional artist. He has shown his work on three continents and his paintings appear throughout North America, Europe, Russia, and China.

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I want the viewer to see the use of the medium, the end of the brush stroke, the spontaneity, the freshness of a new painting. If I can give the viewer an impression of the atmosphere, a sense of light and deep shadows, if I can just open their eyes to the simple beauty around us, then I have accomplished a great deal.

David Garrison


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An important note:

With these high-priced oil paintings I go to great lengths to create and ensure ultimate quality. I use raw linen canvas and size it with hide glue that I cook and seal the threads. I then use a primer for the best possible canvas for quality painting. This is the traditional way of canvas preparation in Belgium.
I DO NOT use “Hobby Lobby” type canvas that is manufactured in China.

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Contact me today to learn more about my custom mural and portrait services and to start the process of commissioning your own piece of art.